Hi, I'm Eric

Web Publisher and aspiring Front End Developer


A bit about me

Eric laying on grass with his dog named Boo

I'm a currently a Web Publisher with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with about 3 years of front end experience. I'm passionate about building beautiful, responsive websites and smooth user interfaces. I also enjoy learning new coding languages, frameworks and further honing my skills in the languages I know.

For example, this site is built using React and Gatsby.

I was introduced to front end work through my employer and decided to pursue it further using online, self-paced learning. I really enjoy front end development and am looking for more opportunities to deepen the breadth and scope of my career in this field.

When possible I try to get involved in projects that push me to be a better developer, teach me new technologies or that benefit communities I care about.

When I am not wrapped up in projects, I like to spend my time with my beautiful girlfriend, Jenn (you can check her out at Life Oolong the Way), and our dog, Boo. I'm an avid hunter, carnivore and coffeeholic, into weightlifting and super passionate about playing high caliber Dodgeball.







(Command line)



What I know

Front end development

Proficient in the use of HTML5, CSS3\SCSS, JavaScript/JQuery/JSX and Node.js for developing effective and charming websites.

Learned these languages and object-oriented programming principles through a combination of formal in-class, virtual classroom and online self-paced learning. In specific:

Enthusiastic about responsive, performant and accessible UX; constantly seeking ways to increase my knowledge in these ares.


Where I've been

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